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At the beep the time will be exactly.

Win95/ 98 1st Ed. Users: Get VB6 Runtime   fm20.dll errors, click here

I'm not on messengers much nowadays, but I do occasionally show.

Contact info:
AIM: UnknownEntity634
ICQ: 203901348
YIM: vbprog634
Main email:

I also hang around on IRC, mostly on the ZONexus network, which I am also a network admin on, doing coding and Unix related stuff aside from idling :P
The addresses are:

Usually my nick will be Canti. I also hang around on Chat4all as my original nick, Unknown_Entity, in the channel for this site.

Stuff about me, like you want to know.

Name: *insert airhorn here* Nice try ;)
Age: (insert current year here) - 1985
Occupation: Your average hardcore coder, ZONexus netadmin and job seeker.
Languages: PHP, VB6, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL, C(++), others I'm prolly forgetting
Web type things: (X)HTML, CSS, Coffee Script (Formerly known as Javascript :P)

Thar be images of me here.
My class schedule There isn't one now :D